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The Six Touchstones of Hospitality

At A.L. Bruns & Company we reference Boston University's, School of Hospitality Administration, 'Six Touchstones of Hospitality' to help us better understand our clients' needs.

Included in this have been a number of strategies and tactics, which may include such tested practices as engaging creativity, adopting new habits, reframing theories, and challenging accepted paradigms. Along with these, the practice of self-reflection becomes a powerful tool for adapting to the realities of the constantly changing industry.


If I owned this business, how would I create more value, make it more productive and profitable today?


What comes after what comes next? What new ideas do I embrace?


When I say "I've got an idea, let's go there!", do people follow? Why not?


Would I buy what I sell? Would I sell this to my mother, grandmother, my friend?


How do I make other's lives richer while they are in my care? Do I have an "innkeeper's" heart?


What will I do today to make someone's life easier? How can I serve so others may lead?
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